Monthly calls

Ephrata Pioneer Fire Company

Current Apparatus

Truck 15

  Pierce Lance

Responds First For:

  • Out of Town Structures
  • Technical Rescues
  • Medical Assists
  • Responds 2nd for All Other Non-Vehicular/Brush Incidents


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Engine 15-1

  Pierce Lance

1750 GPM with 1,000 Gallon Tank

Responds First For:

  • In-Town Structures
  • Alarms
  • Trash/Dumpsters
  • Brush
  • All Standard Non-Vehicular Incidents

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Engine 15-2

  Pierce Lance

1,750 GPM with 1,000 Gallon Tank

Responds First For:

  • Vehicle Accidents/Fires
  • Spills
  • Out of Town Stand-by's
  • All Vehicular Incidents 

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Command 15

  Ford Expedition EL SSV

 Utilized by Duty Officer on Designated Weekends and Members Attending Out of Town Trainings Responds As Needed to Incidents and Back Up Tow Vehicle for Special Ops Trailer.

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Squad 15-1

  Ford F350

 Responds First For:

  • Water Rescues
  • Responds As Needed Otherwise
  • Tows Special Operations Trailer 


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Special Operations Trailer

  12x20 Trailer

Houses Water Rescue Equipment for Primary Response

Equipment Including:

  • Boats 1-5-1 & 1-5-2 and Motors
  • Dry Suits & Water Rescue PPE
  • Throw-bags, Water Rescue Rope & Misc. Water Rescue Equipment
  • Cold Water & Ice Rescue Equipment
  • Includes Bench & Changing Area including Heat and AC
  • Carries Special Unit 1-5 on Out of Town Incidents 
  • Emergency Scene Lighting & Generator


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Boats 15-1 & 15-2

  Achilles FRB 12\'6\" Inflatables

Powered by 25 HP Mercury Outboards Includes:

  • Throwbags
  • Roll-A-Board
  • Various Water Equipment

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Special Unit 15

  Polaris Ranger UTV

 Responds: The Special Unit responds as needed for special emergencies and during special events. This includes the Ephrata Fair, severe weather emergencies and events where access is restricted by crowds. The unit is also equipped for brush fires and to handle all calls on the Ephrata Liner Park, Rail Trail. It is equipped with various brush fire tools, extinguishers, off road patient transport and 400 feet of various sized hose. When requested the Special Unit is able to respond out of town in the Special Operations Trailer. The unit was donated to the company by a grant program offered by the US Smokeless Tobacco Company with work from Sen...

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Squad 15-2

  Chevy Astro AWD

Responds: This unit is utilized by the Fire Police and responds as needed for traffic control. The Squad is equipped with a full compliment of traffic control equipment including communications, cones, barrier tape, portable road barriers and DOT warning signs. It also includes seating for four members.

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Retired Apparatus

Hand Pumper


Aerial 1-5


1982 Hendrickson 1871W/LTI/Conestoga, canopy cab, 1500/200, 85 ft steel rear-mount tower, tandem rear axles, ladders carried in open side compartments, Detroit 8V92TA, 445HP, automatic, 6 KW generator. Housed 10/22/83. Replaced and sold in 2002 to the Alexis Fire Equipment.

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Engine 1-5

  American LaFrance 675C

‎1946 American LaFrance, Type 675C, full cab, 750/150, ser. no. L-2285, shipped 3/26/46, purchased by the borough to be used in the borough, cab canopy accessible through walkway dividing hose bed, 75 gallon water tank on each side, Lycoming V-12 motor, centrifugal pump. It was put in reserve status in 1969 and sold in 1974 to Don Hudson Fire Equipment Company of Nashville, TN.

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Squad 1-5-3

  Ford/Reading E-350 4x4 Conversion
This unit is utilized for various emergency and non emergency responses including; specialized rescues, water/ice emergencies, severe weather events, lighting and tows rescue boats 1-5-3, 1-5-4.  The Squad is equipped with a full compliment of specialized rescue equipment including PFDs, dry suits, exposure suits, water rescue throw bags, r...

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