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How Can I Help?

Pioneer Fire Company needs YOUR help

Like most fire departments in Lancaster County, Ephrata Pioneer Fire Company is staffed entirely by volunteers. We are always looking for volunteers to help us in a variety of ways. Read the descriptions below for more information on how you can get involved.

Download Application Here

In an effort to remain compliant with State Legislation all applicants of Ephrata Pioneer Fire Company are subject to a child abuse history check as part of the application process. If the applicant is and was a resident of the State of PA for the past ten years this check will be performed by the department at no expense to the applicant. If the applicant has resided outside the state of Pennsylvania in the past ten (10) years then a FBI child abuse history check must be submitted with your application. Follow these steps to gain a FBI Child Abuse History clearance to submit with your application.
1. Go to
2. Click on Health & Human Services.
3. Fill out the application, do not put anything in the field for Agency.
4. You can submit payment online or with a money order at the fingerprint site.
5. Print application and take to a local finger print site (we recommend the UPS Store located in the Cloister Shopping Center, Ephrata PA). Cost of the FBI check is $25.75.

Email completed applications to


A firefighter is an individual trained to perform the function of fire prevention and suppression. Firefighters must possess both the knowledge and skills to be able to perform safely and effectively at an emergency scene. Duties include but are not limited to interior/exterior fire suppression, vehicle rescue, water rescue, confined space rescue, drivers/operators, equipment maintenance, first aid response, training, fund raising, participation in community activities and continued skill enhancement.




Fire Police

A Pioneer Fire Company fire police officer, once trained, will become a recognized law enforcement officer under the direction of the volunteer fire department. Duties may include but are not limited to controlling traffic and crowds at both emergency and non-emergency scene, fund raising and participation in community activities. Members may be called upon at all hours of the day to assist with scene control. Members will work along with local public agencies.


      Support Member

A support member of the Pioneer Fire Company is an integral part of the group dynamics. Support members help the department in a variety of ways to help achieve our mission statement.  Each support group member exemplifies the core values of the department and helps with fund raising, non-tactical support during emergencies, fire prevention events, community outreach and support, public relations and many other tasks in an effort to assist the department by utilizing the valued assets of the support members.